Coronavirus impacts property purchases in Ahmedabad

How Coronavirus impacts property purchases in Ahmedabad?

What is a life without challenges? And the one we are facing now is a global pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) which we never thought of. In this life span, we have seen problems and challenges of all sorts but the one we are passing through now is something which has brought the entire world on halt.

Impact of Covid-19 on Real Estate in Ahmedabad

This pandemic will have a long term effect on the global market and especially on real estate in Ahemdabad.

Ahmedabad real estate market was as such undervalued as compared to other markets of India. The land prices and property prices were never inflated like other markets of Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

The effect of corona virus has currently brought the entire city on its knees with total lockdown. No business will run for the next 15 days at lease except few and the worst hit will be real estate.

No builders/developers can do construction, so construction workers and daily wagers are too facing a tough time and headed back to their home town.

People at large will stay away from real estate buying / selling for some time now unless there is some urgent need to switch over home or office.

Brokers / Real Estate consultants will have no work for the next 3 to 4 months as the market will take its own time to revive.

The entire market is on wait and watch mode at the moment. No new transactions will take place in such a market.

But staying positive is the key to a good and healthy life. Taking this tough time with a positive mindset, the only good thing happened is, people will get enough time to think and select the right property. And portals like which provides a complete scenario of the real estate market, about new project launches into Residential and Commercial Segment helps the buyer the identify the right property / project options for them.

People while maintaining social distancing can explore N number of projects while seating in the safe environment of their home and shortlisting few with a plan to talk to the builder and negotiate on the price before finalizing the deal.

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