Top 5 New Commercial Projects in Ahmedabad

Top 5 New Commercial Projects in Ahmedabad

Find new commercial projects in Ahmedabad within your budget. PreLaunch Offers is one of the best property dealers present list of Top 5 New Commercial Projects in Ahmedabad.

List of New Commercial Projects in Ahmedabad

#1 Anam 1

One of the best commercial projects in terms of Location and construction quality. Centralized location which is accessible from CG Road, Ashram Road, Satellite, Naranpura, Navrangpura and all other major areas. Excellent location and connectivity to all those areas. Also the project offers best in class office and showroom sizes which will be a perfect fit in your pocket.


With Generous views of the park right across, Anam 1 is designed to make you experience nature in all its glory. The Zen like contemporary architecture gives you a feel of vastness so that you have ample space to think big. Be it your showroom, Anam 1 will always inspire you to have point of view.


No matter how cool the air-conditional air is, it will never feel as good as a cool breeze with a whiff of floral aroma. We designed terrace office facing beautiful for the nature lover in you , so you’re just a few seconds away from a scenic view of the greens.


Parimal Garden is one of the best parks in the town. Which regularly attracts people from nearby posh areas, and having your retail business in close vicinity of the Park will go a long way in converting them into your regular customer. Also the limited number of retail spaces will help your showroom standout with ease it an aura of exclusivity.


While CG Road is still one of the most important business lifelines of Ahmedabad, there is hardly any newly constructed space. Being just half a minute away from CG Road and also close to some of the posh neighborhoods in Ahmedabad, Anam 1 has a locational advantage like no other.

FLOOR PLANS & SPECIFICATIONS While Anam 1 Will impress you with its Zen like simplicity, your infatuation will turn into love when you get into the detailing. Designed one of the most respected architects in India, Anam 1 is where the logic of science the beauty of art.

#2 Palak Prime

Palak Prime offers the modern world-class state of the art offices starting from 980 Sq. Ft. and showrooms from 3050 sq. Ft. It offers collaborative spaces that perfectly position your brand for the future. The architecture with its unique and classic features ensures abundances light and air to every floor enhancing productivity and positivity.

The G + 12 storied commercial complex has 5 layered underground parking space for each of its occupants and ample parking space for visitors. It has 6 dedicated elevators of premium brand for easy  movement of visitors / occupants and goods. With private terraces with some of the offices one gets the best air ventilation and ample natural light thus reducing the electricity consumption which amounts to increase in light bill and heat.

#3 Aarush Emporis

Located at one of the most promising location of Motera – on a life line road connecting Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar Aarush Emporis offers a plethora of amenities and facilities. The project is at a corner or 3 roads thus offering excellent location, connectivity and transportation services. Each Showroom and office gets a road facing.

Emporis offers designer retail establishments of shops and showrooms on Ground, First, Second and Third Floor and a whopping 11 banquet halls on the 4th floor with open terrace attached with each banquet hall.

With ample parking space on Ground floor in addition to that it has 3 level basement parking for its occupants.

With a grand foyer of 40’ feet width on each floor it feels like a corporate hub on all 12 floors of the complex.

#4 Times Square Grande

A location that cannot be matched to any other. Located bang on the strategic junction that cuts across centrally S P ring Road and S G Highway & Rajpath Club Road to Thaltej Road, TSG is the best address a business can get.

Ease ofaccess with 360* approach with large roads is a luxury in itself.

Spearheading Ahmedabad’s dramatic transformation, Sindhu Bhawan Road is the city’s hottest new destination district Pulling together S. G Highway and S. P. Ring Road with a Central neighbourhood that’s undeniably magnetic, energetic and contemporary; this is the social core that will define the future of city life of Ahmedabad.

Times Square Grande provides a new kind of urban experience with spaces that offer prime retail, corporate, entertainment andhospitality. It offers G + 7 Premium retail and corporate entities.

Spaces in Times Square Grande have large ceiling heights, have ample natural light and enjoy unobstructed views. Parking is easy. Green spaces and designed soft and hard landscaping makes Times Square Grande unique. Times Square Grande’s hospitality wingwill be adorned by one of the top 5 star luxury hotel chains of India. Socializing, working, shopping, entertaining,or simply being indulged in hospitality are all palpably fresh and exciting.

#5 Amalga

As the name goes it’s an amalgamation of Efficiency + Comfort + Success.

At Amalga – The Retail and Corporate Space thrive on optimum usage both architecturally and well planned and designed inner spaces.

Amalga is designed around these 3 functions.

Efficiency for better working while optimizing time and efforts.


Unlike any other commercial complex, 50 saleable offices across 4 floors are serviced by 8 installed elevators bringing greater efficiency to your business. with a ratio of 1:6, (offices to lift). The waiting time will reduce.

The proximity of elevator on each floor gets closer thus saving valuable time. Besides, a central club house with a gym on the first floor, adds to your health thereby bringing in better energy & work efficiency in your day.

Terraces, adequate parking, low – rise establishment, the location, corporate houses, a club house, and the quality of construction are all ‘amalgamated’ to bring you EFFICIENCY that is unique to AMALGA.

Comfort by virtue of location and immediate progressive community within Amalga as a result of well-designed spaces.


A well explored global idea and a natural need for green open spaces has led us to provide stunning extended balconies & terraces. AMALGA brings in comfort through an infusion of open-to-sky break-out zones for today’s highly stressful work environments. A beautiful pergola provides part shade while extending a definition to the facade.

Adequate parking, low – rise establishment, excellent office vs. lift ratio, the location, individual corporate houses, a clubhouse, and the quality of construction are all ‘amalgamated’ to bring you COMFORT that is unique to AMALGA.

Success which remains an integral to every commercial establishment – factors that can seldom be infused or promised. Amalga is designed for success, both as an aspiration and to contagion of good fortune.


The 7 exclusive AMALGA CORPORATE HOUSES provide that individuality and independence that all desire. And it spells success from the moment you set your eyes on one of them.Either, as you make your ACH as a statement of benchmark reached, or aspire to own one as the ambition to reach greater heights.Terraces, adequate parking, low – rise establishment, excellent office vs. lift ratio, the location, a club house, and the quality of construction are all ‘amalgamated’ to bring you SUCCESS  that is unique to AMALGA.


Terraces & green spaces are a natural outcome of architectural design much to address the need for open green areas that not only bring life and freshness to mundane office spaces, but also allow users to change what they see at their own horizon. A stacking & staggering of blocks inter plays beautifully by intruding multiple sized terraces as extensions to office spaces. The pergola is designed and incorporated for the much needed definition while rhythmically cutting down the soft eastern sunlight.

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